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Finding the perfect gift for a loved one (or even yourself) is simply easy at Aqua. One of the largest selection of greeting cards in the town of Coupeville.

Quality Eyeglass Readers in all strengths, Wallets, Journals, Charms & Key Chains, Hostess Items, Books, and a constantly changing selection of hand picked items we’re sure you’ll love.


Jewelry & Accessories

From fun jewelry accents to keepsake handmade sterling silver pieces to fun scarves and wraps, Aqua can have you looking your best any time of the year.

Earrings, Necklaces, Rings & Bracelets, Artisan and some custom made. Scarves, Capes, Shawls, Dresses, Hats & Gloves, Napkins, Totes & Bags.

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Offering a wide selection of shoes. Our main brands of Klogs Footwear, Toms Shoes, and Telic footwear provide a range of awesome and comfortable styles to choose from. Always the newest styles every season.

Along with the brands listed above we offer a wide range of seasonal footwear such as Flip-Flops and Street Sneakers.


Bath & Body

Relaxing in the tub, smelling a luxurious candle, and soothing your skin with the softest creams. That is what Aqua deals in. We offer a massive variety of items that you can spoil yourself with.

French milled soaps, Hand and body creams, Liquid and dish soaps, Artisan candles in every size, Bath salts and scrubs, and Mud Masks.

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Home Decor

Aqua carries everything you need to make your home look like it was pulled straight out of a magazine.

Cloth Napkins, Large selection of Paper Napkins, Table top decor, Candle Holders, Vases, Wall Signs & Decor, Home Accessories.